Providing a powerful “green energy” boost in waste treatment and advancing operational efficiency.

Prodex® is the Wastewater & Bioenergy Company of JSH international™, offering a revolutionary peat-extract formula called BAE® (Biological Activity Enhancer). 

As the green component to the engineered infrastructure, BAE provides plants with a low-cost, all-natural alternative to maximize efficiency, and meet green initiatives. This simple additive is like an “energy drink” for existing microbes, increasing activity and populations. Currently BAE is being used by wastewater treatment plants and waste-to-energy plants to: 

  • Improve efficiency 
  • Boost methane gas production in waste-to-energy plants
  • Enhance TSS and BOD removal
  • Improve sludge settling
  • Upgrade the quality of plant effluent

By Maximizing the Microbial Workforce™, BAE is helping us to work toward cleaner water resources and a “greener” energy supply. Visit to learn more.