Putting the power of nature in your hands.

Nature’s Wonder® is the Agriculture and Horticulture Company of JSH international™, offering a revolutionary peat-extract formula called APEX-10™. This proprietary formula is scientifically proven to enhance soil quality and build stronger, healthier plants and crops. 

APEX-10 is a powerful bio-stimulant and soil amendment in one. This is a one-of-a-kind peat extract made from 10,000 year old active and complex naturally occurring materials. What differentiates this product from anything on the market is the patented extraction process used to recover all of the natural substances in their most beneficial form. The result is a formula with greater power than simply the sum of its parts. This creates the ultimate product for plant, crop & soil health which has been proven to:

  • Enhance fertilizer & water efficiency
  • Increase crop/plant turgidity
  • Enhance soil nutrient retention & make nutrients more available to the crop/plant
  • Dramatically reduce potential of root loss under stressful conditions
  • Improve overall crop/plant performance

To learn more about how Nature’s Wonder® and APEX-10™ can reduce your maintenance costs while helping you achieve a “greener” profile, visit www.natureswonder.com.