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Before using EcoHancer, there were 2 spots in my home’s drain field that were wet, muddy, and soft, indicating a blowout. I began searching for solutions, and a friend of mine, an engineer, recommended EcoHancer. The Greenovative Technologies team provided instructions on how to use the product and personally assisted me with recommendations on how to achieve better drainage in my field. After using the product for a month, the wet spots in my drain field are now dry and firm.

EcoHancer is easy to use and does not require any additional work to maintain my septic system. The science behind the product makes sense, and it performs as advertised. The Greenovative Technologies team has a lot of credibility both as experts in the field and users of the product. I had an amazing experience with both the product and the Greenovative Technologies team; they truly went the extra mile to help me. I recommend that any homeowner with a septic system call Greenovative Technologies today to use EcoHancer.

John McElroy


I would have never believed it would work this well! The septic system at my location began failing in 2005 when we were pumping it bi-weekly. Over the years various treatments had been tried to repair the system, but to no avail. Many experts blamed the failure on the fact that we have a Dunkin Donuts in our store and the grease that is created from their products getting into the system. Over the years the frequency of pumping had increased dramatically.  For the last three or four years we have been pumping twice a week. 

During the first week of April of this year 2012, the first treatment of Eco-Hancer was added to my system and all pumping was canceled until further notice. I was worried that the system would back up that weekend; it takes less than a week before it starts backing up into my building. Well, the system never backed up; in fact it hasn’t been pumped at all since the first treatment, it’s now the first week of October. I am amazed at how well Eco-Hancer has worked to solve my problem. I highly recommend to anyone with a septic system to give this product a try.

Bob Fiori


Cohassett, MA

At English Sewage Disposal, we have always been skeptical of products claiming to fix failing systems. Fortunately, we have seen for ourselves the benefits of using EcoHancer® in our customers’ systems. We have tested EcoHancer under controlled and closely monitored conditions and found measureable improvements in failing systems in as little as two months. We believe that EcoHancer provides the needed natural boost to the septic bacteria that are needed to help protect the system from the harmful chemicals flushed down the drain every day. 

Paul Behrens

President/Owner,  English Septic

Bridgeton, NJ

Del Vel has been a distributor for Greenovative Technologies since May 2011. Working with septic installers and pumpers is a large part of our business, so EcoHancer is a perfect fit for us. In the past, we have sold harsh chemicals to maintain septic systems, but EcoHancer is a cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally-friendly alternative. Our customers like the product and have seen numerous positive results, including improved septic system efficiency, improved drain field performance, reduced odor, and reduced sludge buildup. 

Red Lion Diner was one of the first projects that we used EcoHancer on. Before using the product, their septic system was in very bad shape and had massive system failure, odor, and a flooded drain field. After 9 weeks, the system completely turned around with improved efficiency, reduced odor, and a clear, dry drain field.

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Steve Pollack

President & CEO,  Del Vel Chem Company


Total System Solution® is a success! We are very impressed with the results from treating our grease, and we are already saving money on maintenance costs!

Riverton Country Club

Cinnaminson, NJ