Harnessing the Power of Nature™ for the food-service and septic industries.

Greenovative Technologies® offers the food-service and septic industries two revolutionary all-natural products that have proven to enhance biological efficiency – Total System Solution®, which improves grease trap management and EcoHancer™ which enhances septic system and drain field performance. As more stringent regulations are put in place and sophisticated monitoring methods are being used, these all-natural formulas provide manager’s alternatives to traditional maintenance practices that have proven to be costly and fall short of meeting your operation’s needs.

Cost-effective and easy to use, EcoHancer™ is proven to enhance both residential and commercial septic systems and Total System Solution® is great for all food-service operations such as Restaurants, Long Term Care and Senior Living Facilities, Entertainment Venues, Hospitals, Hotels, and many more.  

To learn more about how Greenovative Technologies® and its products can reduce your maintenance costs while helping you achieve a “greener” profile, visit www.greenovativetechnologies.com.