“At Green Velvet, we were able to harvest Kentucky Bluegrass elds (without netting) in just 9 months. Without netting, this is about as good as it can be done in the Midwest. This allowed us to till the eld in June and July, and re-seed the elds in August, making sod production now a 12 mo. cycle instead of the average 18 mo. With demand on the rise, this will have a signicant impact on our sod production business. Not only are we able to bring higher quality sod to market sooner, I anticipate we’ll be able to produce 3 sod cycles in 3 years, the same amount of time we would have produced 2 sod cycles without APEX-10. The product far exceeded my expectations.”

Randy Tischer, Owner,

Green Velvet Sod Farms, Dayton, OH

“At Medina Sod Farm we applied PrimeraOne APEX-10 to 70 acres of our Kentucky Bluegrass elds. Our typical growth cycle before APEX-10 was 18-24 months; now we can turn our elds in 10-12 months. Additionally, we noticed the turfgrass utilized fertilizer more eciently, and we were able to reduce the amount of irrigation. We also saw increased stress tolerance and recovery, especially in the peat soil portion of our elds, giving us peace of mind. We were so pleased with the results we are increasing APEX-10's application to 100 acres this year.”

Scott Gregoire,

Owner/Operator, Medina Sod Farms, Orrville, OH

On a 65 acre eld on a sod farm in Eastern Maryland, sod would not harvest. It was just too tender. After purchasing 50 gallons of APEX-10, it was applied at a rate of 1 gallon per acre. Within just a few weeks, they were able to harvest over 95% of the eld where they had applied the APEX-10. Where they had applied a competitor’s product, the sod still would not lift. The farmer was very pleased and purchased another 80 gallons to treat a newly seeded eld for better spring wakeup and quicker harvest next year.

-Newsom Seed

“We have been using APEX-10 since the fall of 2011 on the district's sports fields. APEX-10 has added root mass to the rye, fescue and bluegrass cultivars like nothing we have ever seen. Since applying APEX-10 we have not had a divot or a tear out from an athlete’s stopping or cutting. This durability makes for safer fields which can be more frequently used and more easily maintained due to the turf's ability to recover.”

– Pat Hoynes,

Maintenance, Orange City Schools, Cleveland, OH

“We sprayed APEX-10 right after sod installation was complete and we were thrilled that within 10 days the sod had knitted. Even with thin cut sod, it was not able to be lifted. Additionally, the sod grew at a very fast pace making the sod replacement process a seamless transition. This gave us peace of mind that the field will be ready and established for our home opener in April.”

– Dan Stricko,

Sports Turf Manager, Lake County Captains, Cleveland, OH

“We’ve been using APEX-10 since August 2012, and soil tests indicate we have better uptake of nutrients now. We first applied APEX-10 after a considerably stressful stretch of games. We aerated, over seeded with rye grass and applied APEX-10. Within seven days the turf had recovered and was looking and playing great just in time for our 2012 playo run."

- Chris Walsh, Turf

Manager, Akron Rubberducks, Akron, OH

“APEX-10 in conjunction with Griggs products and proper agronomic practices, has enabled a Tifeagle green that was completely gone to recover and fill. APEX-10 has had a very positive effect on producing runners, and the time frame in which the green filled in was quick. Last fall, it was basically gone, and now I have about 90% coverage and should be close to filled in by August. The rooting on the greens is healthier and deeper than I have seen in the eighteen months I’ve been here. One great product to have in the arsenal!”

– Gary Frazier,

Superintendent, Cedar

Creek Golf Club, Aiken, SC

"We immediately saw positive results with APEX-10. We started cutting back our water usage, which ended up being the biggest plus for us because by the end of the season we had recorded the hottest, driest summer on record. Our golfers always asked us how we kept our greens and tees in great shape through that heat and stress. APEX-10 was the only change we made from the year before, and the improvement in the turf was remarkable. Being a public golf course, money is always a concern, but APEX-10 easily fit into our budget and by the end of the season we were ahead of the game."

– Pat Worley, Owner Operator, Fox Run Golf

Course, Waterford, PA

At a high end golf course, hand watering hot spots during summer stress was taking up time and budgets. With the addition of APEX-10, hand watering of tees virtually disappeared and the superintendent has added APEX-10 into injection for fairways this season.

- Walker Supply

“APEX-10 improved our plant loss and lost opportunity revenue ratio by almost 50%. We highly recommend the use of this product on all plants, trees and turf.”

- Joseph’s Landscaping & Irrigation

“We worked with one of our contractors who had a perennial problem area in a customer's yard. After the third application, we had a total turnaround. My customer earned a lifelong customer, and we earned even more of our contractor's trust by providing a product that worked exceptionally well in spite of the heat and drought conditions in our area."

- ProChem Sales

A lawncare company tank mixed APEX-10 with other maintenance products and applied trial strips with and without APEX-10 for a direct comparison. Even six (6) weeks later, the company could still tell a positive dierence in the strips in which APEX-10 was applied.

– Dickens Supply

Like many wastewater treatment facilities across the country, Joint Meeting of Essex and Union Counties (JMEUC), an 85 MGD facility, was looking to increase their digester gas production. They were introduced to BAE, and a protocol was developed to feed the digesters at a rate of 27 gallons per day. After extensive analysis, not only did JMEUC benefit from a 41% increase in digester gas production and the cost avoidance of electrical energy as a result, but they also reduced the amount for sludge cake for removal and significantly decreased the amount of TSS returned to treatment.  

The result is a net annual savings of $402,000.

It is also projected that as the JMEUC brings its 4th digester back into service, the facility will benefit from even greater savings as a result of additional power production and impacts to solids handling processes and disposal.  

Click here to read the full white paper written by Joe Bonaccorso, Project Manager for CME Associates as Published in the NJ Water Environment Association's Fall 2013 Issue of Effluents Magazine

Joint Meeting of Essex & Union Counties

Elizabeth, NJ

The Gloucester County Utilities Authority (GCUA) WWTP provides service to 15 municipalities with approximately 207,000 residents, covering a total service area of 150 square miles. GCUA is currently permitted to treat 24.1 MGD, and the plant treats leachate from the local landfill as well as septage that is hauled to the plant. GCUA began using BAE to restore balance to the microbial environment after significant rainfall depleted plant biology and caused numerous operational upsets. Within a matter of days, the system was in full recovery. Taking a proactive approach, GCUA continued using BAE as a regular maintenance tool to strengthen plant biology. Soon after, the facility began experiencing several operational benefits, resulting in a net annual savings of over $360,000.

Click here to read the full case study (PDF)

Gloucester County Utilities Authority

West Deptford, NJ

BAE has been an invaluable tool for our WWTP, increasing our biogas production for reuse onsite and decreasing our energy demand on utilities. I’d highly recommend BAE to fellow wastewater treatment professionals.

Since implementing the use of BAE® in the digester, Landis Sewerage Authority (LSA) has vastly improved not only digester performance, but also increased the efficiency of the CHP system. The EPA recognized the results of this outstanding performance and awarded LSA with the EPA 2010 ENERGY STAR Award.

Click to read:
Complete Case Study (PDF)
2010 EPA Energy Star Award Packet (PDF)
WE&T February 2011 Problem Solvers Article (PDF)

Dennis Palmer

Executive Director,  Landis Sewerage Authority

Vineland, NJ

Hayward Water Pollution Control Facility (HWPCF) treats an average dry weather daily flow of 11.9 MGD, with peak daily flows averaging 18.5 MGD. An independent third party was brought in to validate the benefits of BAE® and perform an in depth review of the data and relative equipment. All inconsistencies were taken into account and extracted from the provided data. The resulting conclusion shows a positive effect. The addition of 6 gallons per day of BAE® from May 23, 2011 to December 31, 2011 significantly increased the production of biogas by 36%, which in turn resulted in an increase of kWh generated on-site by the engines. In addition, a substantial decrease in volatile solids was noted.

Click here to read the full case study (PDF)

Hayward Water Pollution Control Facility

Hayward, CA

Lewistown WWTP had a particular challenge during heavy rain events, which included the possible loss of solids from the final clarifiers due to high plant influent flow conditions. Filamentous bacteria had overwhelmed the facility's biology during late winter and early spring as the wastewater temperature began to increase. To compensate for the possible loss of solids, polymer was added to the secondary clarifiers, and bacteria were added to the primary clarifier effluent. At the conclusion of the 60 day cycle, both polymer and bacteria were discontinued, and the microorganism population was in complete order.

Click here to read the full case study (PDF)

Lewistown Wastewater Treatment Plant

Lewistown, PA

The Cumberland County Utility Authority (CCUA) began using BAE in their primary anaerobic digester because they were having difficulty maintaining the minimum volatile solids destruction (VSD) of 38% required by the NJDEP for land applying sludge. 

BAE had clearly demonstrated that a balance between the acid formers and methane formers had been created and a stimulating effect was taking place within the primary digester, improving the performance of the two-stage secondary digester. Dewatering by the plants centrifuge machine improved, receiving digested sludge as high as 6% creating a dewatered cake at 25 to 28%.

Click here to read the full case study (PDF) 

Cumberland County Utilities Authority

Bridgeton, NJ

BAE is benefiting communities everyday.  Read six brief summaries of BAE at work in our Renewable Energy Brochure. 

Download the Brochure (PDF)

BAE & Renewable Energy Production

BAE is benefiting communities everyday.  Read three brief summaries of BAE at work in our Wastewater Treatment & Operational Efficiency brochure. 

Download the Brochure (PDF)

BAE & Operational Efficiency

Before using EcoHancer, there were 2 spots in my home’s drain field that were wet, muddy, and soft, indicating a blowout. I began searching for solutions, and a friend of mine, an engineer, recommended EcoHancer. The Greenovative Technologies team provided instructions on how to use the product and personally assisted me with recommendations on how to achieve better drainage in my field. After using the product for a month, the wet spots in my drain field are now dry and firm.

EcoHancer is easy to use and does not require any additional work to maintain my septic system. The science behind the product makes sense, and it performs as advertised. The Greenovative Technologies team has a lot of credibility both as experts in the field and users of the product. I had an amazing experience with both the product and the Greenovative Technologies team; they truly went the extra mile to help me. I recommend that any homeowner with a septic system call Greenovative Technologies today to use EcoHancer.

John McElroy


I would have never believed it would work this well! The septic system at my location began failing in 2005 when we were pumping it bi-weekly. Over the years various treatments had been tried to repair the system, but to no avail. Many experts blamed the failure on the fact that we have a Dunkin Donuts in our store and the grease that is created from their products getting into the system. Over the years the frequency of pumping had increased dramatically.  For the last three or four years we have been pumping twice a week. 

During the first week of April of this year 2012, the first treatment of Eco-Hancer was added to my system and all pumping was canceled until further notice. I was worried that the system would back up that weekend; it takes less than a week before it starts backing up into my building. Well, the system never backed up; in fact it hasn’t been pumped at all since the first treatment, it’s now the first week of October. I am amazed at how well Eco-Hancer has worked to solve my problem. I highly recommend to anyone with a septic system to give this product a try.

Bob Fiori


Cohassett, MA

At English Sewage Disposal, we have always been skeptical of products claiming to fix failing systems. Fortunately, we have seen for ourselves the benefits of using EcoHancer® in our customers’ systems. We have tested EcoHancer under controlled and closely monitored conditions and found measureable improvements in failing systems in as little as two months. We believe that EcoHancer provides the needed natural boost to the septic bacteria that are needed to help protect the system from the harmful chemicals flushed down the drain every day. 

Paul Behrens

President/Owner,  English Septic

Bridgeton, NJ

Del Vel has been a distributor for Greenovative Technologies since May 2011. Working with septic installers and pumpers is a large part of our business, so EcoHancer is a perfect fit for us. In the past, we have sold harsh chemicals to maintain septic systems, but EcoHancer is a cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally-friendly alternative. Our customers like the product and have seen numerous positive results, including improved septic system efficiency, improved drain field performance, reduced odor, and reduced sludge buildup. 

Red Lion Diner was one of the first projects that we used EcoHancer on. Before using the product, their septic system was in very bad shape and had massive system failure, odor, and a flooded drain field. After 9 weeks, the system completely turned around with improved efficiency, reduced odor, and a clear, dry drain field.

Click for PDF Letter

Steve Pollack

President & CEO,  Del Vel Chem Company


Total System Solution® is a success! We are very impressed with the results from treating our grease, and we are already saving money on maintenance costs!

Riverton Country Club

Cinnaminson, NJ