You See Remarkable Results

JSH international™ is a forward-thinking Bio-Environmental company providing varied formulations of a proprietary all natural liquid that is changing the way we treat our wastewater, manage grease in the waste stream, and care for our crops, plants & turf. Completely natural and created using an innovative peat-extraction process, our products are truly From the Earth…For the Earth®. These revolutionary products act as powerful "energy drinks" for microbial populations. The result is an amazing line of innovative natural formulations that deliver increased efficiency and cost-savings across a wide range of applications.


Serving the Wastewater & Bioenergy Industries

Improves Renewable Energy
Production and Plant
Operational Efficiency

Serving the Food-Service & Septic Industries

Improves Grease Trap &
Septic Maintenance

Serving the Horticultural & Agriculture Industries

Enhances Soil Quality &
Builds Healthier, Stronger