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JSH international™ is a forward-thinking Bio-Environmental company providing varied formulations of a proprietary organic liquid that is changing the way we treat our wastewater, manage grease in the waste stream, and care for our plants and turf. Completely organic and created using an innovative peat-extraction process, our products are truly From the Earth…For the Earth. These revolutionary products act as powerful "energy drinks" for microbial populations. The result is an amazing line of innovative natural formulations that deliver increased efficiency and cost-savings across a wide range of applications.

Prodex Greenovative Technologies Nature's Wonder
Serving the Wastewater
& Bioenergy Industries
Serving the Food-Service
& Septic Industries
Serving the Horticultural
& Agriculture Industries
Improves Renewable Energy
Production and Plant
Operational Efficiency
Improves Grease Trap &
Septic Maintenance
Enhances Soil Quality &
Builds Healthier, Stronger
Plants and Turf

We invite you to learn more about us and our organic products — all field-tested and scientifically proven to work in real-world applications.